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2D Physics

2D Physics

Besides graphics programming, I have an extreme interest in physics and rigid body dynamics. I came across some 2D physics tutorials from MetaNet, the creators of a brilliant flash game called N. I implemented my own 2D physics engine using the techniques described in their tutorials. The result is provided here for you to have a look at.

The archive given below contains 2 demos, both resembling the tutorials. Please let me know if 2D physics interests you as if there is a great demand, I will release some tutorials on the subject.


File Name : 2dphysics.zip
File Size : 88K
Date Released : 01 December 2005


Instructions for each demo is provided onscreen when running the application.

01 - Basic Collision Detection and Response

01 - Basic Collision Detection and Response

This demo shows some basic collision detection and response using tiles collisions against tiles and circles / AABBs.

02 - Broad Phase Collision Detection

02 - Broad-Phase Collision Detection

This demo expands on the first by creating a grid structure for broad-phase collision detection. This greatly reduces the time needed to perform collision detection and therefore a small world has been created. This demo also implements ray-sphere collision detection to push the object around the world.

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